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HYC Grand Opening Jan. 21-22

Kick off the year with special classes, bougie food and fashion, and Sound Healing.

Members please bring your friends and family at no charge to HYC classes on Saturday and Sunday. All students must pre-register for classes on the website.


8am Hot 26 9:15am Rocket 10:30am Buti Burn Glow 11:30-1:30pm Savage & Rose Fashion Bus Hen House Food Truck


8am Buti Burn Glow

Little Juice Co. 1:30pm Hot Barre 3-4:15pm Wrenn with Frequency Sound Healing 5pm Silent Hot 26

Hen House Food Truck Moving in the heat makes us want delicious, fresh, healthy food so we asked the best of the best: Hen House Food Truck! Even if you don't want to come to class on, you can still drop by to eat.....and shop!

Savage and Rose Fashion Bus Jenny is bringing us the bus! You don't want to miss this shopping event in our parking lot after Buti Burn Glow. Heather has a lot of pieces from Savage & Rose, and you know she dresses cute!!!

Buti Burn Glow Saturday 10:30am w @lavender.queen Sunday 8am w @KC_Luvofyoga Glowsticks are provided. Wear white/neon if you want to glow!

Little Juice Co. Keepin it juicy, juicy with complimentary refreshments Sunday after your class! 🍓🍍🍌🥑🍏

Wrenn with Frequency Sound Healing In this session Wrenn incorporates light breathwork, aromatherapy, with music and the soothing sounds of quartz crystal singing bowls, tibetan bowls, drums, chimes & other instruments. You will be fully immersed in sound vibrations + frequencies that will allow your mind and body to enter a relaxed, meditative state, that promotes healing of the mind, body, and spirit. As the mind and body relax, the frequency of the instruments synchronize with your brainwaves, Allowing the heart rate and blood pressure to decrease, while shutting off your body's fight-or-flight response, allowing you to return to a state of balance and a renewed sense of wellbeing. Benefits of Sound Baths

  • Calms your body and mind.

  • Reduces stress and anxiety.

  • Increases focus and clarity.

  • Decreases tension and fatigue.

  • Boosts your mood and reduces feelings of anger.

  • Improves sleep.

  • Elevates feelings of spiritual well-being.

You will be sent an info email that will include information about the session, what to bring and wear, and what to expect. *Pre-registration is required Sunday Jan 5 3-4:15pm $44 Non member $33 Member

Can’t make it to the Grand Opening? There’s more good stuff.

Journey through the Chakras with Sam Take a journey through the chakras with Sam. This class will include 60 mins of discussion around the esoteric principles of the chakra energy points. The ladder half of the workshop will be a 60 min vinyasa style flow moving through these energies in the body. The invitation is to explore how you connect with these concepts through your body and human experience. Please bring your mat, journal and an open mind. *Pre-registration is required. Journey through the Chakras w Sam Sunday Feb 5, 2023 2-4pm ✨ $44 for non-member $33 for member ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Sam @samdahl_yoga 📸: @adrianericmorales

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