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How we are celebrating International Day of Yoga

June 21st is the official day, but we are celebrating on Saturday June 22nd.

9:30am Self-Care for the Soul

Join Erin and Shelby for a special vinyasa class with live vocals and acoustic guitar. This summer we are bringing you all the good vibes with upbeat live music and a fun summer themed vinyasa class you won’t want to miss so book now on the app to reserve your spot.

11:30am Yak the Duck with HYC at Higher Pursuits and book directly through the Higher Pursuits website for shuttle/kayak reservations. We will be taking the Cheek’s Bend route, expect to be on the river 3-5 hours for the 5 mile trip. Everyone can go at their own pace. Bring what you want, we recommend a small cooler for food and drinks. Avoid bringing valuable items, aka your wedding band!

Other items you may want to bring: sunscreen/bugspray/hat/sunglasses/bathing suit/towel/dry clothes/dry bag for phone and keys.

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